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After the Rain Bath and Shower Gel 300ml|【雨後系列】沐浴露 300毫升

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  • After the Rain - LIME, ROSE & SANDALWOOD | 【雨後系列 - 青檸、玫瑰、檀木】

    After The Rain captures the unique scent of a spring garden on Arran, following a rain shower. This irresistibly fresh and sensual fragrance is a blend of rose petals, musk and floral citrus, mixed with the soft notes of Arran’s precious woods. Discover the uplifting feeling of freshness that comes after the rain. 【雨後系列】捕抓了蘇格蘭西部一個名叫Arran小島上花園在春天雨後時的獨特氣息。這個令人無可抗拒的清新感性香味是由玫瑰花瓣、麝香、鮮花、柑橘,再加上Arran島上珍貴樹木的天然氣息所調製而成,探索蘇格蘭雨後讓人振奮的感覺。

    Cleanse and moisturise your skin in a relaxing bath, or a refreshing shower, with the gentle properties of our best-selling After the Rain Bath & Shower Gel. This shower gel blend combines the notes of sandalwood, rose and lime, creating a refreshing and bright fragrance combined with a decadent formula made with essential oils for extra moisture. Containing pro-vitamin B to encourage healthy skin, this cleansing After the Rain bath and shower gel really will become your go-to. 蘇格蘭最暢銷系列【雨後系列】沐浴露,結合了潔膚與潤膚功能與一體,讓你可以輕鬆享受一個快樂放鬆的泡泡浴、沐浴體驗。這款沐浴露結合了檀木、玫瑰和青檸精油加上讓肌膚健康柔亮維他命B奢華的潤膚配方,讓你一試難忘。