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Arran Whisky Fudge Carton 250g

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In the unique island of Arran lies Arran Whisky Distillery.  Opened in 1995, Arran Whisky uses water that is cleansed by granite and softened by peat as it trickles down from the hills above.  The delicious character of the Malt Whisky flavours of Arran Whisky (including cream and apple) is perfectly blended into our meltingly delicious fudge that we make by hand to our own recipe in the heart of Scotland.

Our Arran Whisky Fudge comes complete in a presentation carton decorated in traditional Arran Whisky branding.

A must have present for anyone who is a whisky fan.

Arran Whisky flavoured fudge


delicious handmade fudge