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Edradour Cake Tin 300g

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One of the smallest distilleries in Scotland, Edradour make a unique single Highland Malt Whisky near the beautiful town of Pitlochry.

The distillery's output is just 12 barrels per week which means getting your hands on some of their heavily peated whisky should be rewarded.  And what better way to reward someone who loves the unique depth of flavour that is Edradour Whisky, than with our Malt Whisky Cake.

Savour the deep aroma of dried fruit that has marinated in Edradour Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky.  The fruit is left to soak up the whisky for several days until it is plump and succulent.  The cake is baked in a traditional Scottish Reel Oven.

The successful balance between fruit and whisky is a perfect example of what makes Gardiners a cut above the rest.

The Whisky Cake comes in a presentation tin complete with decorative Edradour imagery.

edradour whisky flavoured fudge