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Glenashdale Bath and Shower Gel 300ml |【柚子系列】沐浴露 300毫升

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Grapefruit & Green Leaf | 柚子、綠葉

Wake up to the invigorating scent of the Glenashdale Bath and Shower Gel, made with essential oils of grapefruit and green leaf, providing you with zesty citrus notes and hearty bergamot. Enriched with vitamins for the best possible cleansing formula, the Glenashdale shower gel lathers up with ease under hot water, coating the body with the nourishing feel and delicate scent, leaving your skin feeling and smelling luscious all day long.

柑橘、綠葉和佳佛手柑精油配製而成 ,早上開始一天由選擇柚子味沐浴露晨浴肯定可以讓你精神振奮、舒心歡愉。溫和配方含有豐富的維他命配方呵護肌膚。快速起泡功能加上碰觸肌膚所賦予的柔滑感還遺留一陣陣清新的味道,這絕對是一道啟動美好一天的秘密武器。