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Machrie Shave Stone and Soap 100g | 【馬克列男士系列】石頭型器皿剃鬚皂 100克

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Sea Salt and Rockrose 海鹽與岩玫瑰

Modelled on a pebble picked from Whiting Bay, a place on the island of Arran on the west coast of Scotland, the Arran Shave Stone is an European's traditional shave bowl with an island twist. That is, this is a bowl with a cover which when closed, looks exactly like the picked pebble from Whiting Bay. Partnered with Machrie Shave soap, this product allows you to create a rich lather to soft bristles, promote a clean shave with smooth gliding feel.

歐洲人剃鬚一般用剃鬚專用的肥皂打泡後塗抹在臉上,再以剃刀刮鬍子。他們的傳統是把剃鬚肥皂裝在一個剃鬚碗內。這種歐洲人傳統剃鬚碗被Arran這個品牌重新詮係,以蘇格蘭Arran島上名叫Whiting Bay海邊所撿到的鵝卵石被打造成一個有蓋的碗,碗裡裝著【馬克列系列】剃鬚肥皂。有蓋剃鬚碗的形狀就正是那顆被撿到的鵝卵石一樣,裝著100克Arran家容易起泡、軟化鬚根、塗抹在黏上可以讓剃鬚刀柔順的在肌膚上滑動的剃鬚肥皂。