Who we are?

Clansman Lifestyle, a lifestyle store, was founded by a husband and wife team, Derek and Evon Wyllie in 2020. 

The couple builds their life in Hong Kong for over a decade now. Believing in only giving the best and safest to both their children and dogs (Winston the Frenchie and Stella the Pomeranian), they have always been on the lookout for natural products.

Over the years throughout their expansive global travelling, they discovered all that they have been searching for had always been on their doorstep, homeland Scotland. The couple sees Scotland's rich heritage and unpolluted environments offer plenty quality products the world has yet to discover. So they brought over a range of Scottish brands to Asia, with Hong Kong as the landing pad. 

They first started their business as popups in many locations in Hong Kong amidst Covid. Soon they anchored their presence in Hong Kong's iconic neighbourhood, Mid-Levels, by setting up an anchor store servicing the posh neighbourhood. Today, it is the only store in that location selling lifestyle products from Scotland, as well as many other foreign brands the couple sees valuable and true to their belief in bringing only the best and safest to home.

Last Christmas, Clansman participated Mandarin Oriental's Luxe Lifestyle shopping event where they turned a bathroom into a showroom showcasing all the many Scottish products they carry in Hong Kong. Another large popup event was also held in the same month at Hong Kong's top shopping district, Causeway Bay where the couple turned an empty store into a great Christmas shopping event for Hong Kongers with live bagpipe street performances.

Throughout their journey in Hong Kong retail, they soon realised the Scots have played an important roles in Hong Kong history. Many roads, places, mountains and trails names are Scottish origins. In fact, many successful enterprises were founded by the Scots. However, the world over has forgotten about the Scot's influences in Hong Kong, including the locals. The couple therefore sets about talking about Scotland, its culture, history and many more and had since established itself as a wee go to persons amongst the locals, thanks to Evon's fluency in Cantonese, the local's official language and mother tongue. 








First Store

The business began with pop-up retail, first taking up space on Cochrane Street below the central to mid-levels escalator as well as a spot in Causeway Bay, across the road from the Apple Store. This was augmented with exhibition sales in the likes of Tseung Kwan O and Repulse Bay.

Clansman Mid Levels

It soon became apparent that the business needed more permanent space to call home, and give the business some greater credibility.

A suitable space in Mid-Levels, with enough room to also establish an office was identified and the Clansman Lifestyle business was born.

It officially opened on 22nd May 2021.

Popup Store Event in Hong Kong

Popup store events have been a major success around Hong Kong showcasing the variety of products offered by Clansman Lifestyle.