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Imachar Eau de Toilette 100ml |【佛手柑系列】淡香水 100毫升

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Imachar : Bergamot & Honeysuckle | 【佛手柑系列】佛手柑、金銀花

Spend your day leaving a scent of Bergamot and Honeysuckle everywhere you go with the Imachar Eau De Toilette by Arran Sense of Scotland. A delicately balanced combination of clover, honeysuckle, rose, honeyed gorse and violet, creating layers of floral and fresh fragrances that brighten and refresh. A luxurious feeling Eau de Toilette with an affordable price tag, the beautifully bottled Imachar perfume should be applied to your pulse points as and when you want to enjoy this evocative scent.